Tap into the equity that’s accumulated in your home.

Use it to pay for college expenses, a home improvement project or to consolidate high interest debt. Call or visit your nearest RHB location today.

Choose between Two Introductory Rates: 1.99%APR for 6 months or 2.99% for 12 months

*The advertised rate of 1.99% APR is fixed for the first 6 months and the advertised rate of 2.99% APR is fixed for the first 12 months. **After the promotional period, on loans $50,000 or more, the rate is variable and indexed to the Wall Street Journal prime rate but will never fall below 4.00%. ***For loans less than $50,000, the rate is indexed to the Wall Street Journal prime rate plus a 1% margin, but will never fall below 4.00%. The post-introductory rate corresponds to a 4.50% APR for loans less than $50,000 and 4.00% APR for loans $50,000 or greater. Your APR will never exceed 21%. $20,000 minimum loan amount with initial advance of $5,000 required at closing. Loan maturity is 15 years. RiverHills Bank will pay all closing costs up to $1,000 on HELOCs of $50,000 and greater. Borrowers will be responsible for all closing costs on HELOCs less than $50,000 and these costs could range from $300 to $1,000 or higher, depending on the amount of your loan and other factors such as title insurance premiums. Property and flood insurance is required when necessary. Promotion is only available for new HELOCs from RiverHills Bank. Other terms and conditions apply. Other rates and terms are available for those who may not qualify for the advertised rate. Loans are subject to credit policies and approval. Rate, terms and conditions are subject to change without further notice. Consult your tax advisor for tax deductibility. Special introductory rate offer expires September 30, 2017. Balloon Payment Statement: If your minimum payments will not repay the principal that is outstanding on your loan, at maturity you will be required to pay the entire outstanding balance in a single payment.