Report a Lost or Stolen ATM or Debit Card

During regular business hours, call 601.437.4271 in Port Gibson, or 601.636.1445 or 601.661.7312 in Vicksburg. After regular business hours, call 1.800.500.1044.

Tips for keeping your card safe:

  • Never put your account number or Personal Identification Number (PIN) on the outside of an envelope.
  • Write down numbers to call in the case of a lost or stolen card (both during and after business hours) and keep them in a separate location from your card.
  • Do not give your debit card number over the phone or on the Internet, unless you are absolutely sure who the vendor or individual is.
  • Always check receipts against your monthly statements. Report any errors within 60 days of the statement mailing date.
  • Choose a PIN that’s different from other obvious number, like your phone number, Social Security number or your birthday.
  • Memorize your PIN.