You’re A Star At RiverHills Bank

Now, more than ever, it’s good to be a RiverHills Bank customer. While the bigger banks are busy rolling out new policies that are anything but in their customers’ best interest, we’re still rolling out the red carpet for each and every person who enters our bank.

When you’re locally owned and operated like we are, it’s not just business. It’s personal. We know our customers. We have real relationships with them. We exist because they want a bank that cares as much about them as the bottom line. And that makes a big difference.

Download RHB’s Simply Switch Kit

Switch To RiverHills – We Make It Simple.

We’ve developed a Simply Switch Kit designed to make the transition from your old bank to RiverHills smooth and hassle-free. It includes easy-to-follow instructions on making the switch, including transition tips you might not think of, as well as forms for:

  •     Opening your new checking or savings account with RiverHills Bank
  •     Changing direct deposits to your new account
  •     Changing automatic withdrawals to your new account
  •     Authorization to close the account at your previous bank